The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


2. Trouble

     '' How may we help you''

I was running while talking so you know how that sounds."Theres a man chocking my neighborand ow he's chasig me and I've never seen him before in this neighborhood,the street is Beaver Dr"

     "We'll come as fast as we can,'' said the lady on the other side. I hung up. I made a turn to my school and enterd the main office.

     '' You have to help me theres a man casing me I already called 911'' The man must have stoped chasing me, because the principle and the secratary looked at me like I was crazy.

     ''What do you mean,'' said Ms. Pluso 

     ''Never mind'' I ran out of the school walking a little faster than my normal pace. I turned on Beaver Dr and there was an ambulance a 3 firefighters and about 10 differernt police cars and one man was holding my bookbag, and my mom was crying holding Karen while talking  to the police officer.

     ''Maaaaaaaaaaaaay!'' cried Karen my mom put Karen down and they both ran towrds me giving me hugs and kisses.

     ''May are you all right?'' asked my mom ''I was so worried about you where were you?''

     ''I'm fine mom,'' I said 

     ''Why won't we come inside,'' my mom told me and the police officer we sat in the dining room. 

     ''Do you take a look at this man who attacked Mrs.Williams?'' The officer asked

     ''No but all I knnow is that he was in a black overcoat,''I told him. ''I saw him chocking Mrs. Williams so I called 911, But he saw me and started chasing me. ''

     ''Ok I'm going to talk to Mrs.Williams now'' he said walking towrds the door ''And thank you for the infor mation and inviting me in,''.

My mom opend it and said      ''No problem especially if your here protecting our community''


      ''Bye.''said the officer as he walked through the door.

There was a silence for a minute then my mom said ''You did the right thing May and I hope your sister leared from this. She gave me a hud and we ate our dinner. We ate mac & cheese, with broclie. My mom is an awsome cook she watches Maryln Giada's cooking show so she has to be good. In the middle of our dinner my dad cam    

     ''DAAAAAADY'' screamed Karen. 

     '' Hi sugarplum,'' my dad said

     ''Hey dad,''

     ''Hey princess,''

     ''Did you hear what happend today after school''

     '' Not the whole story.Are you Ok? The police came didn't they?'' My dad asked. I told him the story while eating. After dinner I worked on my homework and went to sleep.

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