The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


4. The Poem

     ''Exuse me,'' I said confused

     '' We found the man that was chasing you'' he said clearing thigs up. ''May I speak to you parents please,''

     ''Sure,'' handing the phone to my mom. I went back upstairs. I finished my homework, watched TV and then played with Karen. The day finnaly past and it was time to go to the Ancient theme Park. I usally go there once every 2 months. The place is huge it has roller coasters that are like 500 feet off the groud. I 've rode on  about 10 of them in my life. The only scary thing is that the theme of the park is ancient so some of the rides are based on war. I was walking out of my house, when one of my friends named Amy and her mom was picking us up. My friend Zoey was alredy there so Isat next to her.

     ''Hey May'' said Amy and Zoey at the same time.

     '' Hey,'' I said. Her mom was just about to start the car when I rememberd Jade. ''Ms.Conner,''

     ''Yes honey,''

     ''Um could I by any chance get this girl who is new she's really nice,''

     ''Sure, do you know where her house is?'' Mrs.Conner, Amy's mom, inquired.

     ''Ya I walk by it every morning. It's the second house on the right.'' I replied her. Me, Zoey, and Amy walked out of the car and knoked on the door. I realizd how hot it was. Usually in Australlia it's 100 degrees but today it feels like 150 degrees. Jade aswered the door.

     ''Hey May and...'' I said

     '' Hey this is Amy and Zoey''

     '' Hey'' they both said.

     '' We were wondering if you would like to come to Ancient Theme Park with us'' let me ask my mom.

She came back with her purse and she said ''My mom said yes!'' By the time we arrived there it was 1:00. We all decided to ride the Roller coaster first, but when we got there there was about 100 people in line. We still stood in line. On the wall next to us there was a poaster it read...

In the island of Ree,

there shall be three,

one will be undersea,

the other will hide under the tree,

while one is being chased by chimpanzees.

I stood there in amazment. That poem sounds exactly like my dream.

     ''Wow'' I mumerd

     ''What?'' said Amy

     '' That poem sounds exactly likemy dream''


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