The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


8. The Mountain of Doom

     "Good we made it," I said

     "Now we have to go tho the montin of Doom," said Jade

     "Come on we need to go," said David.

     "Do you know what the mountai of Doom is?" I asked.

     "No," said Jade

     "Oh," I said.

     "It's going to take us a while to get there so let's take a break," I said.

After the break we started walkin again. I got drak so we decided to sleep. The next morning we started again. We ate our breakfast and headed off.

     "I could see the mountain from here," said David. We ran to the mountain and climed it. It was hard to climb but we had no choice. The mountain was dark at the top too. I got tired but we had to keep on moving. When I saw a rubbit, I got scarred but it was a normal bunny. All of a sudden there was a monkey.

     "Look!" I said. The monkies came at us fast. It looked like they wanted something. So ran to escape from them. David hid under a tree but forgetting about him me and Jade ran to the top of the mountain.

     " We forgot David," said Jade.

     "Jade we have to go back,"

     "I will go," said Jade. She went and a giant gorrila came towards me.

     "You will not have the amthytest," said the gorrila. I was guessing the gorrila was Kane. Jade and David came back holding their weapons. It looked like they fought the whole army of monkies. They had scratches on their face and their cloth was ripped. We fought Kane and we won. But when we passed him he came back up and said

     "You will pay for this,''. We ran as fast we could into Kane castle. It was huge and scarry but the amethyst was in the center o,f the room.

     "Grab it and make a wish" said David. So I made a wish.

     "I wish me, Jade and David can go back home,". There was a big flash and me and Jade were back where to the Ancient Theme Park. Me and Jade hi fived and walked backed to Zoey and Amy.

     "You are still in line," said Jade

     "Yes you guys were only gone for 2 minutes," said Amy.

    We finally got to ride the roller coaster and everything was back to the normal.☺



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