The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


7. The Farm Of Devils Rabbits

     "I'm soaking wet," said Jade

     "Lay down uder the sun you'll dry up, the sun here is really hot,''said David. He was right the sun here was hotter than the sun back home. Jade laid down in the gass and she dried up in about 15 minutes. We got hungry so we ate the fruit from Jades purse. We started to walk and we took some resting time. The sun was going down so we rested for the night. The next morning we woke up at about six in the morning and I sort of felt homesick.

     "Out next stop is the Devils Rabbits," said David. So we started walking that way. While we were walking Jade asked

     "How did you get end up in this world?" "I touched this monkey statue,''

     ''Same with us,'' I said

     "And you know what I was thinking," said David "You know that poem next to the monkey?''

     "That is wierd," I said

     "Maybe it's written for us," said Jade

     "Maybe," said David.

     "Who is hungary?" inquired Jade.

     "Me," I announced

     "Same," said David

     "Next we have to cross the Deviled Rabbits," I stated.

     "We need a plan," said David

     "How about I take the carrots from my purse and we throw them to the other end. Then we'll ru as fast as we can," suggested Jade.

     "Sounds like a plan," I said. Let's go we stated to walk and we found ourselves next to the farm.

     "Everyone ready?" questioned David. We grabbed our the veggies and threw them as far as we could.

      ''Run,'' I said. While we were running the bunnies were chasing the veggies. Then one bunny hopped back and I did't see it. I touched it and it turned into lavva. So I ran back and told my friends to do the same. When we came back all the bunnies were back in the same place so we did the same.

     "Lets try it again,"  said David.

     "On 3," said Jade.

     "1-2-3," we all said.

     "Go!" shouted.

     "Throw the carrots," said Jade.

     "Run!" I said. We threw the veggies again and ran. And I watched my step this time and we made it!



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