The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


6. River of Stingrays

      David pulled out his map

     ''See the trees on this map, thats where we are now,'' he said ,''We need to cross the river of stingrays then the farm of deviled sheep after that we cross the mountain of doom''

     ''Well that's quite pleasent'' Jade said sarcasticlly

     '' But we need food and weapons this isn't going to be a 1 hour journey you know,''

     '' But how,''

     ''Jade stuff as many fruits as you can in your purse,'' I said ''Do any of you a have a knife,''

     ''no but I have a pokcet knife,'' said David

     ''Good enough,'' I said ''Use that to sharpen those sticks, and I'll use the sticks to make a bowen arrow,''. We all got to work I found three pieces of long sticks and three short ones. I made them into a boewen arrow and I was done so was everyone else we tested the bowen arrow. I put the stick's David sharpend and shot. It went about 25 feet! I was impressed.The sun was going down so we decided to rest. The next morning we woke up and we ate a bannana. Then we started walking for about one hour.

     '' Wow, that's a tiny lake with huge stingrays,'' stated David ''I guess we could look for a log and we can drag it here,'' so we did that exact same thing.

     ''Who wants to go first,'' asked Jade

     ''Me!'' David exclamed. So he went it looked hard and I was scared, but I decided to go second. I hoped on and I was sooooooooooooo scared. It was hard to balance with the bowen arrow in my hand.

     ''It's to scarey,'' I said

     ''It was really easy all you have to do is concentrate,'' said David

     ''You can do it,'' said Jade ''your almost there,'' I finnly made it.

     ''That wasn't so scary,''I said out loud ''Your turn Jade'' She looked like she wasn't scared at all she was actually happy.

     ''Look at the sting ray there HUGE!'' she said

     ''Be carefull you might fall,'' I said

     ''You sound like my mom,'' She said turning and looking at me. I told he to be carefull but next thing you know. SPLASH!

     ''Ahhhhhhhh!'' she said ''Pull me out!''

     ''You take the arrow and pull her out, I'll keep the stingrays away'' David said. He grabed his arrow and shot one stingray. I was pulling her out  then I finnally did.

     ''Oh my gosh I'm soaking wet,''


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