The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


5. A New World

     ''Do any of you guys need to use the bathroom?'' Jade inquired

     ''I do'' I said ''Lets go''I said on our way to the bathroom we saw the same poem but this time it had a monkey statue. I guess we were near the King Kong rollercoaster. Jade touched the monkey and it swallowd her or something. There was a big flash and she was gone.

     ''AHHHHHHH!'' I  yelled in horrer. I don't think I was thinking because the next thing you know I touched the monkey and I was in a whole new world.

     ''Where are we'' Jade asked

     '' I think we're in my dream''

     '' Look what I found '' She pointed at the fruit trees. ''There are so many different fruit trees''

     ''I know, remember I dreamnt it'' I said

     ''Oh ya''she muttered

     ''Whatch this'' I said ''Sit down under that apple tree and wish for something''

     ''Thats easy, I wish for 5 dollars'' Nothing happend.

     ''Thats wierd'' I said ''It happend in my dream'' All of a sudden a boy that looked like he was 14 years old. He was wearing dirty faded clothes and dirty hair.

     ''It won't work uless you have the amethyst''

     ''Oh that does make sense in my dream I had the amethyst'' 

     ''Wait what amethyst" asked Jade I explained it to her.

     ''Do you know by any chance how to get us out of here!'' I shouted 

     ''The ametyst of couse''

     ''Do you by any chance know where it is?'' asked Jade

     ''If I knew I'd be out of here a long time ago''

     ''How long were you here about 2 weeks, by the way my name is David'' He said

     ''I'm May''

     ''And I'm Jade''

     ''Wait, so we're basiclly going to die here,''

     ''Not exactly I found this map and I think I's telling us where the ametyst is,''

     ''Then what are we waitng for lets go''  

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