The Lost Land of Reetopia

It is an adventure story about a girl who gets lost in a mythical island with her friends.


1. The Dream

     "AHHHHHHH" I was screaming being chased by a group of crazy monkeys with red eyes. I ran as fast as I could when I noticed that I had lost them. I was taking deep breaths and was about to cry.

        "Here" I heard ,I heard a gorillas voice say. I turnred around and I saw a gorilla holding an amethyst.

         "Please don't hurt me and what do you want from me I'm just a thirteen year old girl and..." I was begging the gorilla until he interupted me.

         "listen young one I am not here to kill you or hurt you but those are," he pointed up at the tree tops, but for some reason they were just looking at the amethyst with their red deeming eyes." they have been comanded by a horrible man named Cane who wants to rule the land of Reetopia and to do that you need the amethyst so remember what ever you do, do not give Cane this amethyst" he said               

     "OK" I said he handed me the amethyst and he trotted off "May, May, May" said the monkeys I woke up

     "May,May" said my little sister Karen. She's in pre-k and she's so adorable with her short black hair tiney hands and feet.

     ''OMG I'm late again"I slipped on my sneakers a t shirt some shorts and ran downstars graaed my book bag. "Hey mom you made breakfeast yet" 

     "Of course fifteen minutes ago while you were sleeping dad left as well" I picked up some toast and walked out the door.It usally takes about five minutes to get to arnold richard middle school. I'm a 7th grader in that school. I was walking my normal pace eating my tast and listening to my ipod. "RING" went our school late bell. "Shoot" I started running to my class.

     "Thats your third time being late May,"said my teacer Ms.Johnson teaches me history.She's and average size teacher she has aurbun hair and she's strict. "you will join me today at lunch detention under stand," 

     "Yes" Ms.Jhonson I walked too my desk and my friend robert was sitting next to me. He is tall for his age and he haas orange hair,pale skin and is the best prankster I know. "What did you do today? I asked him. He smiled in reply.

     "You'll see," He said

     "OK class today will be learning about Greek mytholgy," she said picking up her pencil to erase the board. SCRACH went the eraser. It turns out Robert put calk in the eraser.

     "Oldest trick in the book" he said giving a boy named Jeffery a high five. Every one was laghing including me. 

Robert and Jeffery You two will join May at luch detention and you will goto the principles office right now," Ms.Johnson yelled. The rest of the day past and it was time for lunch all three of us ate lunch in Mr. Johnsons room. "There will be no talking or whispering," said Ms Jhonson. When she left the room 5 minutes later the bellrang and it was time to go to the next period. I went to my locker and took my bookbag out. I put my ipod on my favorite song and told my friends bye. I was waliking my normal pace turning on every corner untill I reached Beaver drive. I saw a man dressed in black chocking my neibor Mrs. Williams

     "HELP!HELP!" she cried out. So like any teenage girl I droped my bookbag and called 911.   



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