I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



        When I woke up I figured out I was  "HIK."  Meaning the house of international killers. I was scared because I know what kind of damage the people who run this place can do to someone's face. I thought to myself I have got to get out of here. There was no questioning that but, I did have one question how do I get out of here?

         I looked and saw 5 guys sitting on a 4 seat couch man that looks uncomfortable I thought to myself. I managed to hear a faint voice say " Do you think she will figure out where the trapped door is?"

       So, now I know that there is a trap door but the only question is where.

      I was so exited and wanted to find it right away but I knew I couldn't because they might figure out that I am no longer asleep. I waited until someone came over and closed the door so that I had a little bit of time to get up and move around without them either hearing the noise or seeing me.

        I pushed and pulled on every single book to see if it was like in the movies where a book triggers the bookcase to spin around and a whole new room would appear. It did not happen. I had one more book to go when someone stepped in the room and said " Hi I am Daniel and I would like to help you get out."

          This seemed a little odd so I said "Aren't you just trying to butter me up so that you can kill me and if not then my second question is why you want to help me."

         " I would like to help you because I don't enjoy seeing people get hurt. In fact most of us here don't like this job but we do it for many different things. I do it because I saw my parents get killed and I wanted to get back at the world."

             Wow that was a bit much to handle for me and him so I let him help me.                                                                         


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