I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



"Help," I cried but, the only people in the room were me and the person who grabbed me. The person was wearing a mask to hide his face and to be honest with you it was kind of freaky. He was facing the door and so was I so his back was pointed at me. He left and I tried to find a way out by the faint light of my phone(I forgot to mention his mask was glowing and and it was the only light in the room). I could not find a way out because my phone was about to die so I could barely see anything. I found the door in which we came and almost pulled the doorknob and then suddenly I heard a voice behind me saying "your not coming out of here!" and I felt something hit my head really hard, I fell to the ground and everything went black.

      Hello my name is Susan but people call me Suz,Suzu, and Suzi, so call me whatever floats your boat. I know you are wondering where I am and how I got there well.....

       It all started on my birthday August 7th, 2001. I was turning 15. I was awakening on my birthday it was about 12:30 p.m. As soon as I woke up I heard my mom crying. She has no reason to be crying on such a magnificent day so i decided to go downstairs and check on her.

       I was so dismayed to see my mother so sad and upset. I asked her what was wrong and she explained to me  that killers were going around in the area that my school is in and she was sad because she didn't want anything bad to happen to me. I felt loved but also worried. I love myself too and don't want anything to happen to me but it also makes me feel good to know she actually cares so much that she would cry.

          At that second I realize that every year on my birthday she plays a horrific prank on me to make me scared on my big day. So I thought nothing of it. But, there was something in my mother's voice that made me think that this is not something she was playing about and she was really crying. Eh, after all of these years she probably became a better actress. Last year, she called me at school to say that my house burned down and I have to pick a friend to live with and have her mother buy me clothes. And yes I do mean she called the front office at my school and told them to deliver the message to me and I was so scared that I hugged my horrible, nasty teacher.

          Anyway, since I didn't think anything of it I headed off to school even though my mother told me not to go to school since the killers were in the area. I know most people would say "ok since my mom said I can stay home then I will." I on the other hand actually love school I no longer have any more weird or bad teachers, I have a lot of friends, and I unlike some people I know *slowly turns to look at sister*(like to learn)!! So, I might as well get a dog and go off singing " follow the rules today, and never again they will say halt, halt, halt your running in the hall-a-ways"



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