I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



I went to the mall to look for them. First I went into Target and with a $5 bill I found on the floor I bought myself a bag of chips, a pen, and a mini note pad.First I ate the chips then I took the pen and notepad and wrote this..


Popular places in the mall where killers would go that had the most people.



Food court


      That is all I came up with. I was already in Target so I could look around in there. I looked in every aisle and I looked in the bathrooms. (Yes I did look in the boys bathroom but it is one person bathrooms and I knocked first.) Nobody was in either bathroom. I decided that this was fine but I still had the lower level of target. I did the same thing that I did in the top level but still nothing. I went out and crossed target off the list. Now I was off to Macy's. I went in Macy's and did what I did  in Target. I still didn't find anything or anyone that looked the least but suspicious. I was starting to give up but, I knew I had to keep going for my parents and the rest of  Maryland that was n jeopardy of getting hurt or killed. 

       Macy's is right next to the food court so I just had to wait - my thoughts were interrupted  by a scream of pain coming from the girls bathroom in the food court. I ran to see if I could help (the lady that screamed) but I was too late. She was lying on the floor bleeding. I didn't hear a gunshot so I had no idea where the noise came from. I was so scared because as I was walking into the bathroom nobody came out so the killer was still inside. (the bathroom). I didn't know what to do, I thought to myself where is he where is he please God don't let me get killed. I am just trying to help - my thoughts were once interrupted but this time it was by a man I saw out of the corner of my eye he looked exactly like my mom had described the man with the long hair. I realized he was going to kill me good thing I took karate. I thought to myself. As soon as I thought that I heard the guy say to someone (who I didn't see)

       "Man this girl knows karate let's get out of here." Wow how did he know that? Anyway since I knew karate I flipped the one that I saw and he fell to the ground. I kicked him a few times too and then I took his gun and shot him I was pretty sure his was dead then I found the other guy and shot him. I realized now that there were still people at the "HIL" building that still need to be dead. Well, I did have both of the killer's guns from the bathroom.So, I left the mall.

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