I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



Remember what I thought about being home free? Well, I was wrong.

          Sure the light led to outside. But, not outside where I wanted it to be. I was at the back of the HIK house. I can't just go around because there are 5 guards at every corner.Man how am I going to get out of here?I thought to myself. I was so petrified that I couldn't get around them but I have mad ninja skills so I know I can do it. 

           I looked at the sky and I realized that I have a hair tie in my hair and I had a plan. Three of the guards at the corner I was at just left so there were only two more.

         I took the pony tail holder out of my hair and I shot it at the bald guard's eye. We were about 100 feet from each other but I still got him.( I have awesome vision and have an awesome aim for any target. I told you I have mad ninja skills.) The guard with hair went to help his friend and they went inside so there was a corner near me that I could go to in order to get out. It was also great because after you go around the corner there is a trail that leads to a gate that gets us out. The only problem would be if  the gate was closed and locked because I don't have the key and I never will.

      Nobody was there so I made a run for it. I ran and ran and soon I got to the gate. I tugged and tugged on the doorknob but it wouldn't budge. I finally figured out it was locked.     

     I remember seeing this thing in a movie where this girl picked a lock with her bobby pin. I had a bobby pin in my hair. I realized now what I had to do. I had to try what they do in the movies. I took out the booby pin and put it in the key hole. I wiggled and jiggled it until I heard a click noise and the gate opened up. Wow I thought to myself first the bookcase now the bobby pin maybe everything is like the moves. Life was getting better and better until I walked out of the gates and was now in the center of the woods where I saw something no human being (that is sane) would want to see.

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