I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



"OH MY GOSH" I said to myself now it is personal out loud my mom and dad were lying on the floor almost dead. My mom turned to look a me and said " I love you Susan" I have barely ever heard that from her so I felt something I have never felt before I don't know what it was but it made me feel warm and tingly inside.    

     "I love you mom and I love you dad are you guys okay who did this to you?"

     They could barely even talk they were talking almost in a whisper.  Then my mom replied " I am kind of hurt and so is dad he is more hurt then me can you grab your phone and call the police and tell them the people who did this, one of them had red hair and the other one had long, straight, brown hair and they were both men." 

      I nodded okay, then I called the police, then I ran to find the men who hurt my mother.

   I looked and looked for those two men but I couldn't find them. I was kind of upset because my parents were really hurt (physically).I realized that I can't save my parents but the police and ambulances can. About 5 minuets after I called them the ambulances came and pulled my mother and father onto two stretchers the paramedics told me what the name of the hospital was so that when I was ready I can go and visit them. I was actually really strong when it came to feelings but now I was holding back the tears.

       As I said I was going to find the two people that put my parents in the hospital. I ran to where ever I thought they would be. If I was a killer where would I hide? I thought to myself.       Then finally it came to me , they would be hiding where all of the people go the most public place in Maryland, the mall.

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