I defeat killers!!!

this story is about a girl who must defeat killers and go through lots of difficult chanlenges.



     I went back to the "HIK" building where the guards were still standing. I shot each one of the guards then I shot the people that came out to help the guards then I went inside and shot everyone. I went to each room and shot everyone. I checked the scheduled and no body was supposed to be out right now but the two people I killed at the mall.(The killers have this schedule that shows who is supposed to be at what time and where they are supposed to go.) I was done with the killing.

     Now it is time to heal my heart and my parents. I went to the hospital that the paramedics told me my my parents were staying and I visited my parents.

    My parents weren't lying down they were standing up. I made a questioning face and I guess that realized it. They explained that they are okay and that we can go home now. I was so relieved my heart was healed and so were my parents. I was so happy that my parents were okay. Next time I will trust my instincts.

    At that moment I realized that Annie (my younger sister) was not here. I asked my parents where she was and apparently she had slept through this all because when we got home she was lying on the couch in the living room sound asleep.

   After this experience our family had movie nights, ate dinner together, and always kept an eye out eachother even more then we already did.

                                           IT REALLY IS A HOME SWEET HOME IN OUR HOUSE!!!

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