The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


3. The Quest

          I cautiosly climb the ladder that fell down when I opened the trapdoor. I peek my head into the room and there are bodies all over, dead. The bodies have swords and arrows through their hearts. I walk through the room and the bodies look frozen. There faxces are still horror-struck as if the thing that killed them was right in front of them right now. I walk around the room and find a very peculiar body. The eyes and the hair looked oddly familiar. This guy had my eyes and hair! Who was he?!

          I pulled the sword out from his body hoping that something would happen,"Who are you, who are you?!" I screamed. Green steam rose around me and I look around confused.

          The man rises and speaks to me,"Jacob, I am your grandfather. I am glad to see that you have found my emerald. Now, the emrald has great powers; as long as you keep it in your rifle. I can not tell you those powers because you have to figure them out for yourself. All of these people around you have gone on the quest and not succeded, but you have the emerald, Jacob. There is no way you and the emerald will not do it. You have been chosen to do the quest and as long as you have the emerald with you, you will be fine."

          The green smoke rises again and next thing I know, my granpa is lying motionless on the ground with the horror-struck face. The sword is back in his chest like nothing happened.

          I walk out of the cottage muttering to myself about how I never volunteered for this and then I feel a jolt. I am running faster than a high-speed train, trying to control myself. I glance at my emerald,"It is leading me somewhere," I think.

          Before I know it I stop suddenly and lose my footing. I fall splat on my face. I look around and I am standing on a path in the miidle of a field, again. "I could be anywhere," I think. I take the path to see where it leads me. After a while of walking along the same path I start to examine the emerald. "I just want to get where I am supposed to go," I murmur to myself. "That's it, the emrald led me here, why don't I just start to run along this path!" I start to run and I feel just normal, no high-speed train, just a normal guy running along a path.

          I walk along the path for a while until I spot a forest up ahead. " The sun is about to set, I'll find shelter, food and water in the forest," I say trying to motivate and reassure myself.

          I walk into the forest and I start a fire, I hope there is nobody around so they don't see my smoke.

          "Look at that smoke!" I hear before many hooves clattering towards me.

          "Of course," I say to myself.

          I hide in between two rocks, hoping that they won't find me. Unfortunately, I hear,"Hey, look over there!"

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