The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


2. The Gem

          I wake up in a building with many Israeli doctors around me. I have tubes all over my body.

          "After you were hit with the barrel of the gun, a fellow soldier found you, and carried you here," the doctor stated.

          "What happened to the jewel?" I asked.

          "What jewel?" the doctor replied.

          "I found a jewel when I was hiding behind a car," I explained. "It was greenish and shiny," I continued.

          "That could be your father's emerald!" the doctor exclaimed. "That emerald gives you many powers, if it is the right one, of course."

          Then it happened, the emerald fell right out of my pocket when I sat up! I never felt it in my pocket for the whole time! The doctor picked it up and held it in his hand.

          "There is only one way to find out," the doctor says nervously.

          " How, I'll do anything?" I ask.

          "I need your rifle," the doctor continues.

          "Sure," I say anxiously.

          The doctor takes my rifle and finds an indentation in it that I had never found before.

          "If this works, find the nearest shelter," the doctor says as he starts to fit the emerald in. 

          "Wait, what?" I try to ask him before everything around me is a swirl of white.


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