The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


4. Survival

          "Put your hands up, sir," says the general. I rise and do as I am told. "Oh my goodness, he's a Shweitz!" the general exclaims. As soon as I hear that, I take off in the other direction.

          "Please emerald, please," I beg it to work. Then it happens, I feel the jolt and I am speeding in the other direction, getting farther and farther away from the Gaza soldiers. I stop and this time I try to catch myself so I don't fall again. I hear something loud and clear, "I will get him, we got his grandpa and now we will get him." It is the Gaza soldiers! Where are they, there is nobody in sight!? I feel my stomach grumble and I try to focus on the task at hand; to find food and water.

          I venture through the forest hoping to find some berries or something. I have never killed any wild animals before so I try to find berries. I see a squirrel scamper across my path, I line it up and nail it. It stops and falls on its side. It was an easy kill. I pick it up and skin it with a knife that I welded with some wood when I was hiding from the Gaza soldiers.

          I would not dare to eat it raw, because I would die, so I make another fire. I make sure to not add any leaves since that makes a lot of smoke. I quickly roast the squirrel and I blow out the small fire. I eat the squirrel and it feels weird. I notice that it is my first meal on my own. I continue my hunt for food.

          Over the next few hours I gather a lot of berries and pick off a few small animals. I've learned to try to hit them in the eye, so I don't have to get the bullet out of the meat. I lie down for the night with all of y kills around me for tomorrow and I think about the past day. What a long day it has been. I eventually close my eyes and my dreams are terrible. I dream about the emerald and the death of my father.

          I wake with a start, I am drenched in sweat from my nightmares. I get up gingerly, gather all of my kills and findings and stuff them in my suit. I dare myself to push on, find as much food as I can for the days to come. I spot a squirrel and perch myself on a rock to shoot it. I am about to push the trigger when the squirrel stops dead and I notice that there is an arrow straight through its eye. I hear the trees rustle and a body drops from the trees to gather her kill.

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