The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


9. Side by side, again

          I pick my dad up and my rifle. I feel a jolt and we are speeding out of the capitol to the doors of the hospital. My dad is now bleeding like crazy and he needs immediate help. They rush him to the back and get to work. They stitch his leg up as best they can do. Now we can only hope he didn't lose too much blood.

          My dad groans and my heart skips a beat. I'm overjoyed and I hug my dad so hard. The doctors say he can't fight for a while because his leg is still not even close to being fine.

          I don't care, though. I am happy that I didn't lose him again. A year goes by of rehabilitaiton for my dad's leg.

          We got a medal for our courageous acts and he had to have crutches for that. He got weekly check-ups and he was ready to fight again. Even though Amir was gone doesn't mean that there is no more fight. So it's the day after my dad was cleared and we are fighting side by side in the streets of Israel.

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