The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


7. One loss, one gain

           "Hadar, please don't go, no!" Here I am stuck again by myself. I walk cautiously through the streets of Gaza carefully hiding and killing. I'm walking around having no place to go, only hoping that I will find shelter or the leader of the Gaza troops.

         Everybody avoids me while I am walking through the streets and when I ask for directions to the capitol building everyone sprints in the other direction. I try to ask a man walking alongside the road and I force him into giving me directions. He's telling me which way to go when I fell the jolt. "Bye", I quickly say to the guy and I'm off.

         I go speeding through the streets until I see a huge white building, which I assume is the capitol.  I stop and manage to stay on my feet.  I walk for about 30 minutes until I reach the towering white building. I knock on the huge doors and I hear talking inside.

           "It's a Shweitz, sir."

           "Let Shweitz in."

          The doors open and I walk in. My first step into the building I am tackled and handcuffed. "C'mon, boy," The guard says.

           I walk into a huge throne room filled with weapons and jewels. I see a huge throne and a huge man sitting in it. The huge man addresses me and says, "My English, bad. My name, Amir leader of Gaza. You stupid to come in here. I keep you alive to show off. You put in dungeon." I am knocked out just after that.

          I wake up in the dungeon. Everything is dark and all I have in my cell is a bucket for my business and a bench.

          "Pssst, hey newcomer," I hear.

         "Who said that?" I ask talking to air.

         "It's me, your neighbor."

          "Oh, hi neighbor. How did you get in here?"

          "I was taken by soldiers in a fight. How did you get here?" He asks me.

          "I was sent on a quest," I reply.

          "By who?" My neighbor wonders.

          "An emerald," I say casually.

          "An emerald! What's your name kid?" My neighbor asks nervously.

          "Jacob," I reply not getting all of the excitement.

          "Jacob! Son is that you?"

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