The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


5. My ally

          I run up to this girl and I sneak up behind her. "Hello," I say to her. She gives me no recognition that she heard me so I guess that she is ignoring me.

          I stand in front of her and say, "Hi," again.

          She jumps and says, "You scared me!"

          "What do you mean I scared you, you were ignoring me."

          "What are you talking about, I never heard a thing?"

          "Oh I'm deaf in my left ear," she says casually. She notices my pocket full of meat and says, "Oh, my."

          "Why are you here?" I ask her.

          "This is my home," she replies.

          "Oh," I say while looking around at the forest.

          "Well, the forest isn't my home, this is my home country."

          "What country is this, exactly," I ask.

          "Syria, of course," she says.

          "Well, what brings you to the forest," I wonder.

          "The Gaza forces took control of Syria and they killed my family," she says. "I luckily got away and I ran here. How about you?"

          "I was sent on a quest after my dad was killed by the Gaza forces."

          "What are you supposed to do on this quest?" she asks.

          "I don't, exactly, know," I reply honestly.

          After that we walk in silence until we get hungry for lunch. We split some berries and one of my squirrels. We keep on walking and then I hear the voices again, "I see him, he's with somebody, we'll get 'em both." I look around cautiously and then I say to the girl, " We're in danger, serious danger."

          I here footsteps behind me and I quickly turn around only to see a club hit me across the head.

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