The Gem

A thrilling adventure story about an Israeli soldier who goes on an action-packed quest.


6. Gaza

          I wake up lying on a rock with the girl hovered over me.

          "What happened?" I ask.

          "Well, after you got rocked with that barrel, I fended off the rest of the guys with this," the girl while unsheathing a dazzling sword. "I don't know how I do it, the sword kind of has a mind of its own."

          "What's you name," I ask.

          "Hadar," the girl replies.

          We do some hunting, me with my gun and her with her bow and arrow or her sword. We decide we are going to try to find the leader of all of this mess. We try to follow the footsteps of the soldiers until we lose them. I wasn't thinking about my powers at all until I feel a jolt. I grab onto Hadar and both of us go speeding along, through the crowded streets of Syria, back into Israel and finally into what I assume is Gaza.

          "What happened?!" Hadar exclaims.

          "I don't know, whenever I need to get somewhere that happens!" I reply.

          We walk through the streets and everybody sees my Israeli uniform, people spit on me, try to trip me and one person even tried to hit me with his car. They all back up, though when they see my rifle and emerald. I see a pack of Gaza soldiers just ahead. "Hadar, get behind here," we hide behind a car, Hadar pulls out her bow and arrow.

          We line up our targets and both shoot at the same time. Two soldiers drop down and all of the rest turn, looking around. We drop to the ground hoping that the Gaza soldiers don't see us. I see a soldier's feet sneaking towards us and I tell Hadar to be careful.

          "Hadar, watch out!" I scream and point. I take a couple down before one slits Hadar's neck.

          "They snuck up on us on her left side," I thought, "She couldn't hear them.

          Hadar manages to get out a few words before she closes her eyes, "Go get 'em."

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