The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


8. Chapter 8

     "We brought avocados for the girl," a Floopy murmured.

     "Good,what else?" Serpentoo asked.

     "A small amount of turkey," he replied," she does have to stay alive, for now." They laughed  The laugh echoed in Izzy's head.

     'I'm getting out of here. I have loose ropes, I have a knife rock. I will survive!' Izzy thought.

    Serpentoo and the other Floopy rounded the corner of the cave to where Izzy was sitting.

     "Well, well, well," Serpentoo snorted," What have we here?"

     "You know exactly what you have, you have a 14 year old girl whose father you killed," Izzy snapped.

     "I know!" Serpentoo growled." Itss jusst more dramatic that way! I have jusst come to pay my guesst a vissit.  have also come to bring food. are you not grateful?"

     "Should I be?" Izzy spat.

     "Well, yess, I should think so," Serpentoo started," In any casse, Mungo, go give Issabella the food." Mungo walked over to Izzy and handed her avocados and a small strip of meat.

     "Could you not call me Isabella, please?" Izzy whispered dangerously." If you don'tall ready know, I go by Izzy!" She felt in her pockets and felt the turquoise. The cool surface of the gem stone had a cooling effect, but it wasn't enough to do the trick completely. Izzy looked over at the food and decided to take it with her . 

     "Did you know, that in Fallbrook CA,where I lived close by, it was the avocado capitol of the world? Izzy asked "Did you also know that those avocados look really horrible, not at all like the Fallbrook ones.?

    "I get it, I get it!" Serpentoo grumbled. "Can you still eat the turkey?"

     Izzy looked back at the meat she now knew was turkey and decided it was not enough.

     She said," You also do know that in California more turkeys a raised then in any other state?"     Serpentoo had had enough of Izzy, so he started questioning. "Where iss the coin? he growled."Where iss it?"

     "You expect me to give up that easily?" Izzy laughed.

     "Mungo,shut her up!" Serpentoo ordered.

     "That doesn't help either! I can't tell you where the coin is now!" Izzy said. Serpentoo's face reddened, then became purple.Then he said," Mungo, evacuate. Now is not the time."

     "Okay boss," Mungo replied. They went back to where they came from and then they disappeared. the moment Izzy could not see them any more, Izzy untangled herself, found her knife, and ran in the direction opposite to where Mungo and Serpentoo went off. Izzy went through many twists and turns when she heard footsteps again. Izzy froze and hid  by the wall. She melted in the wall and the Floopy went past her without noticing.

     "Bosss wantss uss to bring the girl to him," a Floopy said.

     "Yess I know the orders," the other replied. Izzy silently screamed.  She was being sent for!  She had to get out quickly!

     The two Floopy went around a corner leaving Izzy behind.  Izzy shot off the wall and ran until she saw light.  When she reached the cart, she saw a huge jungle crawling with bugs, lizards, and (what Izzy thought was Devil's Snare).  She was glad she had brought her knife and hoped to fight through the madness.

     Izzy jumped for she had just heard an alarm sound.  She started to run through the green jungle and soon enough, got caught in a vine.  Izzy tried to loosen herself but it clung tighter.  The only good thing about the situation was, Izzy thought,  that she was trapped in a dark place of the jungle.  Izzy took her rock and hacked at the vine.  She couldn't breathe any more!  The vine strangled her as Izzy grasped for breath. Maybe it would be easier if she quietly went down.  She stopped cutting at it and sat down on the ground.  She wasn't trying.  She took her last breaths.  Izzy was fading away.


     Izzy was four when she first went sledding.  She couldn't stand up in the snow.  Her mom carried her in the sled. Her dad pushed her and her mom down.  Izzy was happy.

     Izzy was six when she first went ice skating.  Izzy's mom pushed her across the ice into her dad's hands.  Izzy was happy.

     Izzy was eight when she lost her first tooth.  She wiggled it loose and put it under her pillow.  The tooth fairy came and left her a shiny quarter.  Izzy was happy.

     Izzy faintly saw a beast coming to her.  It was a magnificent animal, like a tiger, but quite different.  It had purple eyes, a bright purple.  The stripes were the same colour   It tore the vine apart with its claws.  Izzy could breathe!  She took gasps of air.  Once she was breathing easily she approached the tiger and thanked it.

     " No need to thank me," a voice said.  From Izzy's head, " you are a cub and have much to live for."

     Izzy tried to speak back to it with her mind, "How do I get back?"

     The tiger shook with laughter, "Of all the things, that is the easiest thing to do.  Follow me,"  Izzy walked carefully behind the tiger.  The tiger weaved through the vines and trees with ease.  Izzy, however, got caught in many a branch.

     "How about you go for a ride?  You are, no offence, much to slow for the jungle,"  the tiger chortled.  He stopped and Izzy hopped on.  the tiger flew through the jungle.  Izzy saw multi coloured birds, funny reptiles, and bugs, lots of bugs.  Izzy tore her eyes away from the scene to see a modern building.  Izzy had no idea why they would be going there.

     The tiger must have read her mind because he said,"There are the teleportation chambers.  when we go in we will find an empty one and you will go back to California.  So, following his plan, Izzy and the tiger went inside a back entrance and found an empty room.  they snuck in and Izzy programmed the device in her home address!  she climbed into a star Trek like tube and said, "Beam me up, Scotty!"  The tiger pressed go and Izzy was out of there.

     Izzy landed on her doorstep and went in.  She saw her mom and ran to hug her.

     "Izzy!"  her mom shouted.

     "Mom!" Izzy shouted. They embraced each other like there was no tomorrow.

     The next couple of days were a blur.  Izzy did have a lot of fun.  Her mom decided to get Izzy a dog.  She said it would cheer everybody up.  So, Izzy got a golden retriever puppy.  She soon named him Jazz.

     Izzy and her mom reconnected while walking Jazz.  They had a great life together with Jazz after that.  Izzy still went on her runs by the ocean, but she was kept company by Jazz.

     Izzy did well in the rest of her life.  She kept the coin safe, and handed it off to her daughter for safekeeping.  It all worked out for the better, in the end.




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