The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


7. Chapter 7

     Izzy did not know how much time had past when she was asleep. She could still feel the throbbing in her head when she tried to move it. She opened her eyes painfully and saw she was in a dark part of a cave. She reached back to stretch and she felt rocks behind her. 

     Izzy could see or hear anyone in the vicinity. She felt she was in the same ropes (or the same sloppy tying job) as yesterday (that is what it felt like to Izzy, she didn't have a sense oft me). She began to attempt to sit up.She accomplished that thanks to the stretches she had done before and after jogging in California. She longed to run there again on the open shore, to swim in the cold, refreshing water. She wanted to get away from all the excitement and swim in the cold ocean. She wanted to get away from her parents constant stream of fighting, but never like this! She searched her pockets after untying the loose ropes from her hands, and searched for her turquoise. It was still there to all the marvel in the world!Se touched her cool stone and felt better and calmer. She was going to get out! She was going home,to her now destroyed home. She was escaping! Izzy found herself wondering where she was and then exactly how she was going to escape. Would it help to escape?Could she really get back to society? Would living in the wilderness be better than stuck here?

     'Yes, being here is worse then being in the wild. Serpentoo wouldn't have the coin and I would not have to live with him either, but with wild animals. I had to do it. I had to protect the coin with my lfe. It is better to, according to my father, get mauled by what ever horrible creatures live there the for Serpentoo to get the coin.

     Izzy decoded to go out by stealth,once she had figured out what to do. Before, Izzy decided she would go, she would try to find a sharp rock to act as a knife for in the wild. Izzy had always been well prepared, and that included a distant island that no one has ever heard of before, and where plants would try to strangle her. Izzy carefully set her hand  on a pile of rocks to find her 'knife'.Finally, her fingers felt a sharp rock in the midst of a pile. She took the rock and put it in a pocket. She got up to leave when she saw the rope she had been tied up in. Izzy decided to take the rope, in case she would have a use for it (again, Izzy was always well prepared). She heard footsteps before she took off. She dropped the rock and quickly tied herself up again loosely  No, in any case,she would be able to scram any time she wanted. The footsteps got louder and Izzy heard an echo of two voices.


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