The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


6. Chapter 6

     While all of this was happening, Izzy was planning her escape. Her captors had not tied her well.She could get out in a couple minutes, give or take.. She would unbind herself and get out of the cave. That could depend on how sure the Floopy are of how well she was tied.  She would also have to see if Serpentoo would have her guarded. or if someone came to rebind her. All she could really do for mow was to untie herself. Izzy could maybe get out by brute force, if circumstances called for that. Nothing would be certain until the second of her escape.

     "Issabella Ballard! Come to the sstage!"- the stage was a platform that was slightly higher then the ground.-" We will have many thingss to thank you for, if you will give uss the coin. YOu coud bring uss glory, you could make people fear uss again you could -"

     "I get t I get it!" Izzy said, for a Floopy had ungagged her." I could have a good name by your standards, but what about my people? Correct Me If I'm wrong, but I want to be a good person by the standards of my people,not some Floopy that nobody knows. I want freedom!" Izzy concluded and was amazed to see Floopy kind of agreeing with her. All thoughts got shoved out of her mind when a club whapped her on the head and shoved the gag back on her face, none to gently.  

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