The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


5. Chapter 5

     Izzy was pondering her day. She decided it was more of an adventure then she had bargained for. In one day, she came home from the beach, her dad had died and she had been taken to  South Africa by the leader of a species that she had never heard of in her life. She wanted excitement, but this was ridiculous! It was just too much. Izzy sipped her drink quietly until Serpentoo came inside the Starbucks.

     "Well, itss quiting time! Besst go home!" Serpentoo grinned.

     "You aren't taking me home!" Izzy screamed. "You might be going to your home, but never mine. You are taking me to your foul home where you and your foul creatures live, but never mine! You ruined my home!"

     "Jeez!" Serpentoo recoiled. "I meant where i live!"

     A combie (minibus) whizzed by and Serpentoo grabbed Izzy and they zoomed into hyperspace. In a second they landed in a cave in the island of Serpentsortia. Another second passed and crowds of (what Izzy thought were) Floopy came to where Izzy was and grabbed her. In another second, Izzy was bound in a cave, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Floopy.

      The Floopy cheered. Serpentoo silenced the crowd with the wave of his arm and said," My dear Floopy, I congratulate you!The coin shall soon be ours!" A deafening roar came from the attentive audience and Izzy grimaced. she had the coin. She wanted to live. Two things that didn't work well together  Well, according to her father, at least. She could hear her fathers words ring in her head," Izzy, take the coin, protect it with you r life!" Then, Izzy became overwhelmed by the noise.

     "Serpentoo! Serpentoo! Coin! Coin!" the Floopy cheered.

     "Thank you! Thank you!" Serpentoo yelled. "We are gathered here today becausse four sscore and sseven yearss ago"- Izzy groaned-" our fatherss brought forth a new country, covered with Devil'ss snare, dedicated to the proposition that all Floopy are created better than humans and deserve the coin."-Izzy groaned again-. There was no doubt where that came from.-" We ass a tribe need the coin, and we will get it!" Serpentoo concluded his speechand the was much celebration(Of course there was much cause for celebration).

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