The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


4. Chapter 4

     The sensation of teleporting was a lot like riding a very fast rollercoaster. In other words, one would likely puke.

     Izzy and Serpentoo landed on a foriegn place to a Californian.

     "Where are we?" Izzy inquired.

     "Pretoria, Ssouth Africa, soon to be in Sserpentssortia, the land of the Floopy tribe, the ssnakess and reptiless. Oh, and our Devil'ss Ssnare!" Serpentoo remineced." Aah, you're going to be in Devil'ss Ssnare pretty ssoon, oh yessss!"

     "Well, as my dying wish, can we go to Starbucks?" Izzy begged. " The land of the caffine. Aah, those Hot Chocolates, and lattes, and the coffee tribe," Izzy proclaimed in a perfect imitaion of Serpentoo.

     "Fine, I'll take you to Sstarbuckss," Serpentoo growled. "If you canfind one."

     "There!" Izzy criedand ranin front of combies(mini buses) and pushed people out of the way to get there.

     "All hail! All hail!" Izzy screamed. "Give me my coffee!"

     "Take, uh, will 100 dollarss do it?" Serpentoo asked.

     Excited, Izzy replied," Yes, that will definitly do it!" Izzy grabbed the money and ran into starbucks. She ordered a drink and then sat at a table  by the window. She gazed over in Serpentoo's direction and saw him discussing some business with a Floopy.

     Serpentoo said," I'll take her to the island You and your Floopy will then extract the information of thecoin from the girl. Will that do?"

     "Yes, sir!" the Floopy replied and then flashed himself back to his place.


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