The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


3. Chapter 3

     Serpentoo paused and then said,"You would make  a good dessert." He started off to her father and attacked. Izzy's dad, too slow to counter it, crumpled, dead on the ground.

     "Revenge is sweet!" Serpentoo cried triumphtly. He smiled and then returned his gaze to Izzy, who was on the ground sobbing.

     "Henry? Izzy?" Izzy's mom called upstairs nevously. " Are you guys all right?" 

     "Dad is dead, and he's going to kill me too!" Izzy screamed. Serpentoo advanced on Izzy, then paused again. He turned around, and went to go search Izzy's dad's pockets and coats.

     "Where iss it?" Serpentoo asked nervously, for he had obviously not found what he was looking for.

     Izzy had discovered part of what she had to do, her destiny. She had to protect the coin from Serpentoo and others like him. And Serpentoo wanted the coin. Izzy didn't know what the coin was or its value, but she knew she had to protect it, by killing Serpentoo. And to avenge her father.

     "Charge!" Izzy screamed, lunging at the unexpecting Serpentoo. He laughed and teleported away. Izzy stopped herself and turned around and charged again.

     "Ssee you next time!" Serpentoo snorted. He began to teleport, but Izzy charged at him and tagged along for the ride.

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