The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


2. Chapter 2

     Izzy's mom came back into the living room with the tea and Izzy's dad stood up and returned his true feelings into the back of his head.

     "Here you are, Henry," Izzy's mom said, handing him the cup.

     "Thank you," Izzy's dad murmered.

     "Well, I'm going up to my room," Izzy said, "Call me when dinner is ready." Izzy shot up the stairs and went into her room and sat on her bed. She tried to read but, she couldn't concentrate. Who was she? What was her destiny?Who was her father? What will happen? Overwhelemed by all the questions, she lay her head on hr pillow, coin still in hand. Izzy fell asleep, but not for long.

    "Where iss it? Where iss it? Come out come out wherever you are!, a voice said. Izzy shot awake.

     "Izzy! Stop that horrible muttering at once!" Izzy's mom screamed up stairs.

     "That's not me Mom!" Izzy screamed right back at her.

     "Where iss it?" the voice said again.

     "Well I don't have it!" Izzy grumbled.

     "Isabella Ballard! Stop that now!" Izzy's mom sreamed.

     "It's! Not! Me!" Izzy screamed. Izzy touched her birthstone, the turquoise. The turquoise is supposed to to cool hot tempers when touched. Izzy touched her stone, and instantly felt better.

     "Where iss it?" the voice asked.

     "ISABELLA BALLARD!" her mom exploded .

     "I'll go see what she is doing," Izzy's dad sighed.

     "Where iss it?" the voice said. Suddenly, out of nowhere, something poppedout at the top of the stairs, by Izzy's bedroom door.

     "Aaagh!" Izzy screamed. She jumpedoff her bed and backed herself into the corner of her room.

     "Where iss it?" it asked.

     Izzy's dad lept in to action. He jumped on the stair case, adn flung himself onto the thing. It disappered and reappered a few feet away, causing Izzy's dad to crash into the wall outside Izzy's room.

     "You aren't getting away with this, Serpentoo!" Izzy's dad yelled. Izzy's dad knew it?

     "Oh yess I am Henry!" Serpentoo spat. "I want what is rightfully mine, and i will get it!

     "You're not getting it!, Izzy's dad said, glancing at Izzy to stay where she was, in her corner. Serpentoo followed his gaze, and saw Izzy. He ran for her. Izzy who had just been watching in silent terror, screamed, causing Serpentoo to wince.

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