The Coin

It is an adventure story about a girl.


1. Chapter 1

     Izzy came home, after a long day at the beach in California, to her parents fighting.

     Katrina, you have got to stop- Izzy's dad stopped mid sentence.

     "Hey Katrina, could you get me something please?" Izzy's dad began, completely changing the subject," Tea. Could I have tea?"

     "Sure Henry," Izzy's mom said, confused as she walked out of the living room into the kitchen to go boil some water. Suddenly, Izzy's dad's face became relaxed, and then strained.

     "Izzy, you are 14 now, we have to talk. There is a job you are destined for," her dad paused," Izzy, take the coin! Please! Protect it with your life!" Izzy's dad went down on one knee and pressed the elaborate coin into her hand. "Don't tell your mother!" he said. A smile crept to his face.     

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