An Unlikely Love Story

Bianca is a lonely girl. She goes home, and just sits in her room. One day, she gets a message from someone she doesn't know. And it just clicked. They talked for hours, and she fell deeply in love with him. But there was a few complications. One stood out the most though. He was gay...


2. Replied!


I didn't want to be rude. What could a little hello do? Not like it's going to kill anyone. He replied rather quickly.

How are you?

Hmm... Should I give him the normal answer, or the real one?

Not really. You?

I continued scrolling through the news feed, nothing interesting. Got my headphones out and listened to some Three Days Grace on my iTunes.

Miss my boyfriend. What's wrong?

Huh? I waited a moment, he didn't correct it. He was gay?

Guys being dicks, people taking advantage of me, being depressed. The usual for me to be honest.

I was surprised at myself, I tend not to let myself out to anyone, but there's something about him.

Bianca, don't let people get to you. Look, I'm gay, and people take the piss out of me. But I just put a smile and ignore them. Don't let them get to you.

Now I was surprised at how open he was being to me. It's not like we know each other.

I know I shouldn't, but it just does. Kinda annoying actually. Thanks though.

No problem. What you up to?

I tapped at the keyboard for a moment, I dunno why I'm nervous or anything. He's just a random gay guy who decided to talk to me, and he's nice.

Nothing really, excitement much?

It was then I noticed how stupid I sounded, damn! Not very good first impression I'm making.

Cool beans.

I never really got that phrase, why beans? Seems a bit stupid.

I don't like beans.

That's true. I don't like baked beans, taste weird. Too mushy in the center and too much tomato sauce.

How come?

How am I supposed to explain that? Um...

They don't agree with my taste buds I guess.

Ahha! Well I have to eat stuff like that quite a bit.

My brain then thought that we was one of those people who starve themselves to be thin.

Why? Some kind of diet?

Na, I'm a vegetarian.

Oh... That made sense. I always wanted to be a vegetarian, but I never could. The vegetarian stuff was gross! Plus it cost quite a bit.

Cool! How long have you been?

A few years actually.

Oh! I thought he was one of those people who say they're a vegetarian even though they've only been one for like a week or something.

That's good. I'm gonna be a vegetarian soon, hopefully by the new year.

Good! Ahha! Be right back, dinner.


I didn't know what to do then. I was left there, nothing to do. It was 4:32. I got in about 4pm. Felt like we were talking for just seconds. It all went pass so fast.

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