An Unlikely Love Story

Bianca is a lonely girl. She goes home, and just sits in her room. One day, she gets a message from someone she doesn't know. And it just clicked. They talked for hours, and she fell deeply in love with him. But there was a few complications. One stood out the most though. He was gay...


1. Hello

Ugh! What a rubbish day. I walked through the front door but stopped. I found myself looking into the mirror. Seeing the ugly girl I was, it's rather depressing to be honest. I never have been pretty but I really think that one day, I will be. But that's what I think, and that fights against reality. I stuck my tongue out to myself and rushed upstairs. The stairs were very creaky, I'm guess they were quite old. In my cluttered room, there was nothing valuable. But a familiar sight for me stood out; my laptop. Not like I have anything much more to do, except school work, but screw that. Not like doing homework is going to help me, I'm eternally gonna be shit at everything I do.


I turned on the laptop, and waited. I really need to get a laptop that won't take years to load every time I turn it on. Or off to be honest. I went downstairs and raided the fridge, nothing much in here. Damn! I couldn't be bothered to make anything either. Oh well, I'm fine. I went upstairs and onto Facebook. I'm basically always online. I sat crossed legged on my bed, scrolling through my news feed, trying to find something amusing to entertain me.




What the hell! I looked down to my chat, a name I didn't recognise was highlighted in blue: Lewis Frey. I tilted my head in my own confusion. I didn't know this person, but how are they on my friends list. I opened up the little box, the simple word just sat there like a little flag waving surrender, or maybe a greeting.




I hesitated and thought for a second, was I going to reply. I don't even know him, he could be a pedophile. He could be a predator. To reply or to not reply, then I decided.



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