A Man Of Two Lives

A man named James with a horrible childhood escaped his old job...or at least thougt he did. Now they want to make him pay.


2. The CAVE's Cave


     Leaving the car in the parking lot under a tarp, as if it were a pile of wood, they walked over to the entrance. Peering into the black hole, they decided they needed to go back to the gas station to get some flashlights. Now, a little better prepared, James headed in while Anthony covered the back. When they were well into the cave, James heard the yelling of an old, familiar voice, and then gunshots.         James quietly crept closer until he saw an impressive looking door made from steel with an equally impressive looking lock. He saw a rocket launcher on top of a crate of ammunition. James picked it up and aimed it at the door. Quickly, Anthony shoved James to the ground and pulled out a knife. Then he jammed the knife into the lock and said, “You idiot! People can hear that thing from miles away.” Anthony twisted the knife breaking the lock. Then he kicked the door open. Once inside, James took out the security cameras.         The door led into the armory, which they used to their advantage. James walked out wearing a Kevlar vest and a motorcycle helmet. Anthony had a Kevlar vest and a much better shotgun than before. “Now, time for action,” said James. “Yes,” replied Anthony, “but wise action. Forty against two are bad odds, even for you old friend. We need a plan.”         As they walked on, they came upon a dead body. James walked over to it and recognized the man whose voice he had heard earlier. Going through his pockets, he found another map. Anthony jokingly asked, “Did you rig this?” “I wish,” he replied. “It would be a lot easier.” Opening the map, James said, “Wow, it’s the full base map! Now that is a lucky find.” Sarcastically, Anthony replied, “Now if we just had a map that could help us make a good plan.” James rolled his eyes.         He took a pen and began drawing on the map. “We are here,” he said, pointing to the location. “In front of us is the main room. If we can get there, we can head in any direction,” said James, “but we’ll need to get through the pad-locked doors.” “These are fingerprint activated,” stated Anthony. Then, James grabbed the dead man’s arm and gently placed his finger on the reader. To his amazement, it worked. “Well, that was easy,” exclaimed James.        James saw pressure plates. “The pressure plates will close the doors when we step on them and they are at the end of the hallway. So,” he continued, “we can take our time.” Walking almost to the point of silence, they saw twenty or so armed men standing around. Anthony was about to blast away when James stopped him and said, “Just act like them and then we don’t have to make such a big fuss.” “Fine,” replied Anthony throwing down the shotgun.        A guard walked up to them and asked, “Who are you two?” “We’re the new guys,” replied James. “Great,” said the guard sarcastically. “More meatheads that can’t hit the side of a barn.” “I’m the freakin’ best shot in the room,” said James letting his ego get in the way. “Oh yeah,” said the guard, “well, fine. Prove it pipsqueak.”         James picked up a pistol and casually shot at a practice dummy that was about sixty-five feet away. The bullet zoomed right through the center of its forehead. Then, spinning around, he shot two more times. One bullet went into the center of its neck and the other shot ripped a hole through the chest where the heart would have been. “You were saying,” James said as he threw the gun across the floor.        “Wh-h-h-h-o are y-you?” stammered the guard. “Come on boy,” shouted another guard, “don’t wimp out now, keep going. What’s your name, anyway?” “The name is James,” said James while flipping out the Colt and nailing the dummy in the head again. “Now, could you be so kind as to point out which way the jail is.” “Sh-sh-sure,” replied the stammering guard. Pointing to the left, he said, “It’s way down that way.” As James began walking away, the guard said, “Hey, you remind me of a guy who used to work here named James. Weird coincidence, huh?” “Yeah, weird,” said James.         After twenty minutes of walking, James pulled out the map and said, “It should be right around the corner, the jail that is.” Just as they were going around the corner, an alarm went off. Then a loud speaker announced, “There is a threat that has entered through the fake mine entrance. We believe that this person is named James. Get to arms and be cautious.” “Damn it! So much for going undercover,” said James. Quietly, James said, “If I can’t get out alive, then haul ass and save yourself. And remember man that no matter what happens, I still love you.” “Same here man,” said Anthony, shaking hands with James.         James charged to the jail and swung one of the guns at the lock, knocking it off. He rushed in. A guard grabbed an axe and took a swing at him. James shoved the man into an open cell and locked him in. He then ripped the alarm off the wall and stomped on it. He grabbed a uniform in the guard’s room, changed, and then continued charging down the hall.         Meanwhile, Anthony had snuck back into the main room and found the central power source to the bunker. He watched as guards swarmed like angry hornets whose nest had been smashed. Quickly, Anthony gathered up all the explosives he could find and filled the hole with them. Lastly, he ran a cord set to a timed explosive out of the hatch and waited for the perfect chance to blow the place sky high.         While running, James noticed a cell with a stack of books. “I know who that is,” he said. He walked up to the cell and shot open the door while Jessica was sleeping. Sitting up, she said, “Aren’t you a little short to be a guard?” “What? Oh, the uniform,” he said, taking off his helmet. Smiling at her, he replied, “I’m James Marques and I’m here to rescue you.” That made her laugh. “I can’t believe its you,” she said. “I missed you so much.”         Jessica yawned, “I’m so tired. They kept waking me up all night, nothing mean, though, just a lot of questions.” James replied, “It’s fine by me if you want to stay here and rest. I can re-lock the door for you.” Jessica shook her head and said, “I can see your sense of humor hasn’t left you.” They both laughed. James walked into the cell and kissed her. Swooping down, James picked her up and carried her out.         While they were leaving, Jessica yelled out, “Have a good day and say hi to your wife Nancy.” “And to you Ms. Jessica,” replied the guard James had locked up. “You’re one lucky man,” he said to James. “Take good care of her.” James saw the key and muttered, ‘Oh, why not,” and unlocked the guard.         James and Jessica finally met up with Anthony. “They’re all headed for the mine entrance. Everything else has been secured except for the garage,” Anthony told them. “Great,” replied James, “let’s exit through the mine entrance and go to my car so we can finally leave this place.” “Sorry man,” said Anthony, “but I’m sure they’re tracking your car now. So, we should just ‘borrow’ one of their cars.” “Okay,” moaned James, “I will meet you there,” said Anthony. “Find a car and wait. I’ve got to do something first.”         James and Jessica dashed to the garage. When they got there, James said, “First of all, my top two choices are the 1961 Desoto and the Mazda Miata. “Mazda,” she said. “Shoot,” muttered James a little disappointed. “Who is that man and how do you know him?” asked Jessica. James sighed and then told her the story.   
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