A Man Of Two Lives

A man named James with a horrible childhood escaped his old job...or at least thougt he did. Now they want to make him pay.


3. James' Tale


     “When I was a boy,” he started, “I had a rich dad and a nice mom. My dad was a lawyer and had tons of cars and a big racetrack. He was almost always away on business. The CAVE needed cars bad. They heard about my dad’s collection and Papa Bear asked my dad to sell cars to him. He refused, using the excuse: I’ve got a family; I can’t do business with you; I’ve got a lovely wife and a son who love me more than anything. Angrily, Papa Bear left. A couple of days later, some Bats shot my mom to death. I was six. With her last breath, she gave me this necklace,” he said, holding the pearl in his hand.         Jessica, holding back tears, reached out and hugged him. James reached around his neck and unclasped the hook of the necklace. He then carefully put it around her neck. Jessica couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. James hugged her tighter and then continued.         “My dad was scared out of his mind, so he started selling to the CAVE. He was always on business, of both kinds. I started to drive the cars and got pretty good at it. One night, my dad came back and beat me because apparently, I was holding him back. That night, I looked into his car and saw that the back seat was covered with beer bottles. The next morning, he was gone, again.”        “A few years later, when I was eight, I ran away from home. My dad didn’t notice. I went to my best friend, who knew what I was going through. That kid was Anthony. His parents had heard what happened and they knew if I went to an orphanage, my life would be ruined. So, they took care of me.’        “When we were both out of college, we went to find jobs but the only work we could find was at an old restaurant. We didn’t know it at the time but that’s where the CAVE met. One night, while waiting Papa Bear’s table, Anthony was offered a much better job. He took it, not realizing what he was getting into.”        “I stayed at the restaurant, taking all the shifts. I was twenty-two and he was twenty-five. He left the CAVE when I was twenty-three and a year later, I joined. When I was twenty-eight, I asked him to help me get out of the CAVE and get back on my feet. A year later, I met you. So, I took all the stuff from my CAVE years and hid it.”         “So, that explains why you don’t talk about your childhood,” said Jessica hugging him. Just then, Anthony came running in and shouted, “Let’s get outta here! This place is going to blow.” He jumped into the back seat and James stepped on the gas. Just as they got on the road, the hill blew up in all directions.         After dropping Anthony off at the bar, James and Jessica headed home. The two packed and sold everything and with the money they had, they moved out to a funky little town far away from the city.    And they had a long and happy life together.       THE END  
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