My Sleeping Beauty

A boy named Charlie and a girl named Alison are deeply in love and cannot imagine life without eachother. When a tragic accident causes Alison to go into a coma, Charlie is faced with the question of whether his sleeping beauty will ever wake up.


1. Charlie

I've known Alison since we were in preschool. But I've never really known her until now. Back then she was just another girl , nothing too special. Boy, was I wrong . She's so special. Her long wavy blonde hair that falls to her waist and those crystal blue eyes that sparkle when they look into mine.
Today was ali's nineteenth birthday so I decided to make it real special. I picked her up from her house at 2 and blindfolded her so she wouldn't know where we were going. I drove out in my rusty truck to Bramble Beach where we had our first date when we were just 15. I took her hand and led her across the path to the sand. Picnic basket in my other hand, I brought my giggling girlfriend to the very edge of the path where the sand began and told her to wait. I slipped off her blindfold and watched her face.
"oh,Charlie!" she breathed softly her shining blue eyes lighting up at the sight before her.
A red checked blanket was laid upon the yellow sand.
"a candle-lit dinner awaits us m'lady," I say with a grin."happy birthday" I kiss her softly on the cheek and we pace along the sand together, our toes sinking in the warm sand.
We lie in the sand for a while just enjoying eachother's company.
" I can't imagine it gets any better than this." I say gazing towards the waves that were sloshing against eachother and flowing back into the calm blue ocean .she smiles that dazzling smile that I love."what? Looking at the ocean?" she asks. "looking at the ocean with you." I find her hand among the sand and wonder why I hadnt done this sooner.
After our beautiful candle-lit dinner , we walk down the beach , hand-in-hand talking about everything from our first date to our plans for the future. In September we planned to go to the same college down south where she would study English literature and me law. She wanted to be an elementary school teacher so she could help children learn and I wanted to help justice be served.
Everything was so right about today, everything was perfect.
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