My Sleeping Beauty

A boy named Charlie and a girl named Alison are deeply in love and cannot imagine life without eachother. When a tragic accident causes Alison to go into a coma, Charlie is faced with the question of whether his sleeping beauty will ever wake up.


3. Alison

My golden hair is swept up by the warm breeze as I pace through the town on the way to the grocery store. I can feel the sun on my skin and the familiar scent of French fries and burgers wafts out of our local restaurant "the perfect stop". The constant buzz and humm of car engines passing replays itself in my head so many times that I can almost not hear them at all.
I begin to think about what is on my shopping list.
French fries
Trash bags

I have that feeling I get when I know I have forgotten something. I hate that feeling, the feeling of incompleteness and my mind becomes restless until I have filled that void.

I absentmindedly cross the road when the light goes green , racking my brain for the missing item from my list. I stop dead in the middle of the road. "toothpaste!" I remember the missing item just as the light turns red and a double decker bus comes racing right round the corner of the street crushing me to the ground. As I fall for what feels like eternity to the hard , dusty ground , there is only one thing on my mind. Charlie.
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