My Sleeping Beauty

A boy named Charlie and a girl named Alison are deeply in love and cannot imagine life without eachother. When a tragic accident causes Alison to go into a coma, Charlie is faced with the question of whether his sleeping beauty will ever wake up.


2. Alison

My birthday surprise with Charlie was just magical. As we lay on the beach, hand in hand, I realised there and then that that was where I wanted to be, with Charlie. Forever. I was in love with him, deeply in love with him and I knew in my heart that nothing would ever come between us.I fell asleep that night with his face dancing in my mind, with the memory of his touch playing on my skin.
I woke up the next day feeling totally refreshed. I checked my phone and I had one new message. It was Charlie.
"morning baby, hope you had a great sleep.see you later. Charlie xx"
I smiled to myself. Nothing made me happier than reading his sweet morning texts.
I jumped out of bed and threw on a red and navy checked shirt with my dark skinny jeans. I brushed through my hair twice and then ran down the stairs skipping every second step.
My dad was in the kitchen scanning through the paper with his reading glasses on.
"Morning dad," I say and kiss him on the cheek before grabbing a cereal bowl and pouring out a large helping of cornflakes.
"morning honey. What are you planning for today?" he replies not looking up from his newspaper.
" oh , well I was thinking I would go get some groceries, we're definetly running low.." I said as I searched the fridge for some milk to put on my cereal." then I was thinking I'd go see Charlie." I smiled at the thought of him.
"Hmm.. Well okay honey. You have a good day." he said scraping his chair along the kitchen floor as he rose from his seat." I'm off to the shop, we got some new kids to interview for the new position."
"okay bye dad. And be nice!" I called to him as he made his way out of the house.
I sat at the kitchen table and ate my cereal alone, thinking about Charlie. Again.
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