Jackson Browne : Private Detective

My name is Jackson Browne
Slayer of Angry Birds
Enemy of the Dark Side
My favourite colour's purple
I can't stand Justin Bieber
And I don't like sprouts.
Any questions?


1. Warehouses

Chapter 1


The man was walking very quickly. Almost running. The high ceiling of the unused warehouse creaked unushually. The man's palms grew sweatier and he could hear the quite click of a gun behind him. Despite knowing it was already too late, the man turned.                                       


Jackson Browne was crouched over a dead body. His partner kept taking photos on his camera. Jackson began to rise to his full height.

" Bullet to the head around 2 inches above the eye and severe bruising to the ear and the shoulder. Our victim has probably only been dead for 24 hours. We'll have to let Mac know about this, he'll have to run a full autopsy on the body after we've found the bullet and try not to step on anything."

Jackson put his gloves on and picked up the murder weapon. He lifted it up to the light and could see finger prints on the barrel and the trigger. He slipped it into a clear, plastic evidence pocket and lifted the body onto a strecher.

" I expect my morning coffee to be on my desk in an hour and when you've done that search the body for some identification. Send the gun to Sarah and she can trace the finger prints so if you don't find any id at least we'll know what our victims name and address is. And this," Jackson hit his partner over the head with the back of his hand and he winced, " is for being the over excited prat that you are."

" Yes, sir." replied Jackson's partner.





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