Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


7. The Capture

           That night Taylor crept down the hall she went down the elevator. She crept down the hall to their room. 

           "How will I get in" Taylor asked herself "I am so stupid! More like they are! They lef the door open!"

           As she crept in the room was really dark she tried to get to the wall but her hand slipped!

           "AYYYYYYY!" Screamed Harry as he jumped on his bed in his dinosaur underwear.

           " Ohhh my gosh!" taylor said while shielding her eyes

           " What are you doing here?" Louis asked

           " Ohh nothing... just saw that your door was open and I figured i would come in and say hi!" said Taylor

           " NIALLLLL!!!!" yelled Harry

           She slowly turned out the lights and slowly backed out of the room into the hall.  She quickly grabbed the burlap sacks and duck tape.  She tiptoed back into the room she put the duck tape on all of their mouths then preceded to put the burlap sacks over their heads.  Once she was done she stepped back into the hall and grabbed the paint ball gun and shot all of the security cameras.

           " Wait here at the door if you try to escape you WILL be dead" said taylor

           " Yes ma'am" One Direction muffled through the duck tape

          Taylor ran back into the room and put some pillows in place of where they were sleeping.

           " Lets go!" said Taylor

           They started walking down the stairs twords the parking garage. When we they got to the bottom  they exited through the doors.  They saw someone waiting in a van.  They thought someone had come to save them.  Then Taylor guided them to the back of the van she opened the doors

            "Get in!" said taylor

             One Direction then sighed through the duck tape, but it didn't work so they got in reluctantly.

             "To the warehouse my good man!" said Taylor

             " Ok sweetheart  said Blake Shelton another famous country music artist that Taylor got to help her

             "The Only reason why I am doing this is because I don't like it when them One Direction top us on the chart." said Blake

             He stepped on it. The van went flying. They had to be at the warehouse in less than 10 minutes.

              "We're here!" said Taylor

              "Ok," muffled One Direction

               "Get out of the van......NOW!" yelled Blake




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