Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


6. That's What Makes You Beautiful!

    They both finished at the check-in desk at the same time. Then they Got on the same elevator atthe same time. The cheesy elevator music made the silence in the elevator make the silence even more akward.  As One Direction got out of the elevator...

      "Bye!" Taylor said

       " Bye," said Harry

The others nodded in silence.  As they walked into the hallway there was a mob of people in the lobby singing their songs!

"That wat makes you beautiful!" shouted the crowd as One Direction was listening.

Niall was a little over the top enthusiastic about it,  he started dancing like a crazy person, clapping, and singing along like they were the performers and he was the fan.

As Taylor stepped out of the elevator, she saw everything that was happening.  She saw EVERYTHING she was on the seventh floor. She got the front row seat of this event.

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