Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


11. Take Me Home

     "Where am I?" asked Harry.

     "No worries.  You're with us," said Taylor in reply.

     "I WANT OUT!" yelled Harry.

     "OK, but I need something in return," said Taylor.

     "Pearls?" asked Harry.

     "Let me see," said Taylor.

     Harry took out the pearls and showed them to Taylor.  

     "These are fine," said Taylor.

      "OK.  Except I will need a note,"  said Harry.

     "Fine then," said Taylor.  

     She let him go with the letter in hand.  Harry ran straight to the police.  When they saw it they sped to the apartment where Harry was held.  

     As they started walking Taylor back to the police car, Taylor stopped in her tracks and looked back at Harry. 

     "I just wanted Haylor!" said Taylor.  



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