Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


8. Ontime?

              One Direction was quick to get out of the van.  As they entered the warehouse they all sat down in chairs. Taylor came by one-by-one taking off the burlap sacks and ripping off the duck tape.

               " I hope this hurts!" said taylor " Some of you might have less facial hair at the end of this!"

               " Yes that it correct!" said Blake

                They both went from opposite sides ripping off the duck tape until they got to harry and Taylor took the liberty ripping it off as hard as she could.

                " Are you guys ok?" asked Louis as he was cutting his hands free and started ripping off the duck tape from his mouth "Ahhh!" 

                "Do you guys want out?" said Louis

                They all nodded yes.

                  " How did you get out?" asked harry

                 Louis showed them his pointy ring

                  " Quick! Run! I'll catch up!" said louis

                  He started popping the tires of the van the second tire took him a long time to pop so he was luck that he got away before they caught him. Taylor ran after them once they got far away she stopped ran back to blake told him to get in the van and follow them taylor hopped in

                  "Get in what are you doing!" said Taylor 

                  "Come see for yourself'' said Blake

                  "Ohh" said Taylor




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