Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


4. On The Ground

Once they landed on the ground Taylor was quick to get out of the plane and start unloading the luggage. As One Direction was getting out of the plane they saw someone already unloading the luggage.

"Wow that was quick!" said Niall

"Yes it was." said Zayn

When they got to the bottom of the plane there was nothing in it let alone a person!  They heard the trunk door close.

"We should go now." said Louis

"I agree!" said Harry

As they got in the car they headed to their hotel.  When they got to the hotel Taylor was quick to get out of the trunk.  She ripped off the airport uniform and she had clothes on underneath at started checking in.  As Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis started checking in they looked over and saw Taylor Swift checking in.

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