Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


9. Let's Go!

       Louis Pulled out his cell phone.

       "I am going to call Linda and tell her to come pick us up" said Louis

       As he was calling Linda they all sat on a curb silent.  Zayn started humming a beat.  

       "We still need a tour and album name don't we" said Zayn

       "Yes we do!" said harry in panic

       "How about Take Me Home" said Zayn 

       "That sounds awesome" said Harry

        As Linda drove up they all got in.

        "We are very late for the premire of the world tour so I have to drop you guys off,"said Linda "Have you come up with a name yet?"

        "Yes we have it is Take Me Home," said Liam.

        "Perfect," said Linda.  

        As they pulled up to the venue of the concert, they all got out and ran to their dressing room.  

       "Where were you guys?" asked the producer.  

       "Oh, we were just catching up with some friends and lost track of time," said Harry.

       "Well, you guys look like a mess so go and change," commanded the producer.

       "Yes, ma'am," they all said.  

        As they got on stage and started singing they saw Taylor and Blake come in, and everyone became silent, even One Direction, because everyone was looking at Taylor and Blake.  

        "Get them!" Taylor said, running toward the stage.  

        Security started pulling Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis away from the stage.  The security people told them to run to their dressing room, and they would meet them there.  When they got to the dressing room, security locked the doors behind them and led them to the closet.  


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