Haters are gonna hate! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift!:(


10. Are We Safe?

      As they looked in the closet, they saw nothing but clothes.  But behind all of the clothes there was an escape pod.  

      "Get in and hit the button.  This will take you to your next venue," said Jacob, the lead security person.

      At the next venue, they were in Iraq, performing during the war.  They were going to perform for soldiers.  But for fun, they were going to go to go scuba diving in the Persian Gulf.  

      That night, after performing, they all sat down to relax.  When Louis looked at his phone, he saw he got a text from an unknown number saying "Congratulations.  You escaped from us, but we will find you again.  Signed, T."

     The next day, they were all going scuba diving.  

     "Ah, this is delightful," said Harry.

     "Yes, it is," said Zayn.

     Fifteen minutes later, when they got to Bob's Scuba Diving, Bob, the owner/manager, met them.  

     "Ah!  Hello there!  Welcome to Bob's Scuba Diving!  I am Bob."

     As they walked down the path, they saw a lot of people scuba diving.  As they started gearing up, Amy, the instructor, started telling them about where you can and cannot go, how to use the equipment, etc.  

     "Let's go scuba diving!" yelled Amy excitedly.

     They walked down the wet slips to get on a boat to take them out to the middle of the Persian Gulf.  When they got out as far as they needed to go, they all jumped off the boat and started scuba diving.

     As Harry went down, he was quick to get all the way down.  He immediately saw pearls.  He dove further.  He grabbed bunches and bunches of pearls and put them in his pocket.  Right before Harry got above the water a boat rolled over and pulled Harry from the water and sped off.  

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