The Life Emerald

Gabriel was at the park in Beirut ,Lebanon when he heard gun shots coming from his house and he also saw a fire. Gabriel has to get the life emerald to save his family from death and the World from slavery to a strong villan.


3. The Robbery

    Gabriel woke up and noticed the emerald and Elliot were gone. "Elliott," Gabriel said, Elliott!," he said once again louder. It was useless, Elliott and the emerald were gone, he was robbed.

     Gabriel went to the kitchen where Mrs. Ellis was cooking. "Mrs. Ellis! Gabriel cried, someone kidnapped, I mean dognapped Elliott and an emerald I found in the ashes of my house."    

     " Wait, does that emerald glow ?"Mrs. Ellis said.

     " Yes it does, how do you know?" asked Gabriel.

     " That emerald holds many powers," Mrs Ellis said, "like, the power to control people, he power to bring anything back to life from the dead, and the power to be immortal, your mom had before she d..died. If it gets in the wrong hands it would be horrible, everbody in the world will obey the holder of the emerald, The emerald is called the life emerald.

     Gabriel was thinking that night about who stole it, after a while of thinking, he knew who it was, the man with fiery red eyes, he escaped from jail. Gabriel would call him, the masked stranger. Gabriel packed food and water, he was going to go on an adventure.         

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