The Life Emerald

Gabriel was at the park in Beirut ,Lebanon when he heard gun shots coming from his house and he also saw a fire. Gabriel has to get the life emerald to save his family from death and the World from slavery to a strong villan.


7. The Minions

     Six days have passed and they were already half way done with their food and water.  They were walking when they saw three shadowy figures, with fiery red eyes.  They were the masked strangers minions.  

     Gabriel and Ethan ran as fast as they could.  The biggest one grabbed Gabriel and the two smallest ones grabbed Ethan.  Gabriel looked straight into the red eyes of the minion, with his emerald green eyes, and suddenly the minion's eye turned blank and he fell.  He was dead, somehow, he was dead

      Gabriel could not believe it.  He didn't know how he killed the minion.  "Why are your eyes glowing," asked Ethan.  After Ethan asked that, he understood what killed the minion, his eyes.

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