The Life Emerald

Gabriel was at the park in Beirut ,Lebanon when he heard gun shots coming from his house and he also saw a fire. Gabriel has to get the life emerald to save his family from death and the World from slavery to a strong villan.


11. The Masked Stranger

     Gabriel was hiding in a bush. Gabriel was never this close to the masked stranger. The masked stranger looked in Gabriel's direction. "Come here," the masked stranger said.  Gabriel didn't know what to do, so he just got out of the bush. Once he got out, he saw his dog Elliott, dead. "I have been waiting for you, the masked stranger said, Once I kill you I will get stronger, and you will be up in the sky with your mom, dad, and dog."  

     Gabriel had to steal the life emerald from the strong grasp of the masked stranger's hand.  All Gabriel could think of was to just run at the masked stranger and take it. When he took it away, he held it and he shot a green beam at the masked stranger.  The masked stranger screamed and all that Gabriel could see after that, was a red flash.  Then everything went dark. 

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