The Life Emerald

Gabriel was at the park in Beirut ,Lebanon when he heard gun shots coming from his house and he also saw a fire. Gabriel has to get the life emerald to save his family from death and the World from slavery to a strong villan.


4. The Beginning of the Adventure

     Gabriel knew where The Masked Stranger was, The Bloody Forest, Gabriel didn't like the name The Bloody Forest, but he had to because his dog from death like his parents and The World from obeying The Masked Stranger. Also if he got his emerald back, he could bring his parents back to life and also his happiness back.

     Gabriel had a map to find the shortest way to The Bloody Forest and got started on his adventure. Gabriel didn't know taking the shortcut would be a mistake, a deadly mistake. 

     Gabriel was walking when, he saw a rustle in the bush right next to him. Gabriel was hoping it was an animal but, it was a Syrian. Gabriel heard a loud boom and the a  sharp pain he was shot on the arm.


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