The Life Emerald

Gabriel was at the park in Beirut ,Lebanon when he heard gun shots coming from his house and he also saw a fire. Gabriel has to get the life emerald to save his family from death and the World from slavery to a strong villan.


1. The Fire

     It was an unusually sunny, Fall morning in Beirut, Lebanon, all the kids were  outside playing with the orange and red leaves. The parents were watching their kids carefully because of the Syrian soldiers (who they were against in war).Gabriel, a 12 year old boy woke up with his dog, Elliott, on his bed. He got dressed and asked his mom if he could go to the park and play with Elliot."Okay", his mom said, "But watch out for the Syrians."

     "Thanks mom," Gabriel said cheerfully. Gabriel went to the park and started playing with Elliott when, he saw a fire coming from his house and heard gun shots.

     Gabriel, with Elliott right next to him, ran to his house covered with flames. He saw a cop car, driving away with a man with fiery, red eyes and a masked that covered his face. Gabriel turned around and found both of his parents dead, murdered by the man with fiery, red eyes.

     Gabriel went to sleep on the park bench  having nightmares that night. When he woke up he was hoping that the fire and the murder was all a dream but he looked at the ashes of the house and his dead parents, he was not dreaming. Gabriel was now a homeless, orphan.         


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