The Time-Keeper's Dungeon

The life of Christina Fontay is anything but normal. With her wings and her lunatic mother, the Doncaster Girl is puzzled and quite awkward about it. This book is hilariously cheeky, heartwarming and will blow your fuzzy Captain America socks right off with the suspense and action. ENJOY, MY CUPCAKES!!! *MWAH* LOVE YAH!!

-Captain America



I heard dead silence from the other end of the line. I cringe, hoping I didn't freak her out as to what I said.

"Christina?" I ask hoping to hear her voice reply. "Christina, your, err, dinner is ready?" I tried again.

"Uh oh," I panicked. "This is not good." Christina's father meant the world to her. George Fontay was a successful business man that traveled and worked all over the world.  He was supposed to come home for Christmas this year, but I guess Regina had some "plans" with him.

But, how DO I find out all this TOP SECRET information; you must be asking?  I follow Regina's twitter. That lady really needs to think before she tweets. Gosh, that lady can be so stupid sometimes.

Anyway, Christina admires her dad, loves her dad, blah, blah, blah. So her heart really plunged when I told her. "CHRISTINA!" My mind shouted. I had to get to her. She was probably lolled on the floor, tongue out, blue eyes glassy. Oh man, I got spooked. I hang up on my I-phone, and slip a pair of black skinny jeans on over my pajama shorts and leave my Captain America top on. I felt like I was being slowed down each second a little more than the first. "Regina," I muttered angrily, yanking my hairbrush through my auburn hair. I zombie-walk over to my phone (which had been dropped on the floor) and slid it into my pocket.

My next move, I admit, was not the most intelligent one I could think of.  I silently tip-toe into my mum's room and spot her Lexus LFA keys next to her Ray Band sunglasses. That woman honestly needs to work on her spending skills. I snatch the expensive car's keys and slide out of her room. 

I spied the car in which I am "borrowing" and jog over to it. I hop into the rich people car and immediately start complaining. "This car smells like rich people and carpet cleaner!" I whined, not to sure who I was talking to.  Angrily, I shoved the key in, and miraculously, it started up. 

"Gas pedal?" I mutter to myself. I stamped on the gas pedal and me and the Lexus LFA go zooming forward...right for a tree. 

BANG!! I screamed to loudly I thought my voice was dying a slow and painful death!!! The air bag pops out and slams into my nose. Once again, I made one of my crowd-awing replies, "AHHHH SWEET MOTHER OF TACOS!!!!"

Blood was spilling out of my nose faster than you could say tea-kettle. I pop out of the car and check the damage. The hood was smashed into the top of the car from a fallen Godzilla-sized branch and the front two tires were missing. 

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!" I shriek, sounding like a 3 year old who'd just been told they can't have candy. This could NOT be happening. I did NOT just crash my mum's expensive Lexus into a 210 year old tree.

Great; suddenly, there's a loud honk coming from a red sports car. That could only be one person; Jake. 

Jake is probably the funniest, most attractive guy I've ever met. His sandy blonde hair looked so good against his tanned skin, and his blue eyes are amazing. But I so do NOT have a crush on him. That's Christina who does.

"So I'm guessing the car is your fault." Jake smirks. "Can you tell? I didn't think it was that noticeable considering I'm the only person out here other than you." I answer back, my voice dripping with sarcasm. 

"Well then, I guess someone doesn't want a ride to Christina's then." He winked at me. "Fine." I grumbled. "And your?"He grins. "Sorry." I muttered under my breath. 

I find it so creepy sometimes how he just knows what everyone is thinking. I think he's a mind-reader. 

We hopped into his car, and Jake passed me a whole box of Kleenex. "Look, I don't want you messing up my leather seats. Here's some Kleenex, use them well." said Jake, cheekily as can be. I sneer at him and for the rest of the ride, he tuned me out with the radio blasted so high, the United States could hear it.

He pulled up to her house and we both jumped out, barging through the door, and rushing up the steps to Christina.


Sorry, for the short chapter but I'm doing a contest. YAY! Think of a cute couple name for Christina and Jake. Who ever wins gets a shout out. Yay for shout outs! ;) What do you think so far? Post your comments below and I'll read them. BTW.. foul language doesn't make you "cool" (and no, i'm not a nerd) so please don't post it on my comments. It WILL be deleted right away.  Thanks!!! 


Oh, also.. all my fans are called cupcakes. You fan me, you are officially a cupcake. YAY FOR CUPCAKES!!! :D 

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