The Time-Keeper's Dungeon

The life of Christina Fontay is anything but normal. With her wings and her lunatic mother, the Doncaster Girl is puzzled and quite awkward about it. This book is hilariously cheeky, heartwarming and will blow your fuzzy Captain America socks right off with the suspense and action. ENJOY, MY CUPCAKES!!! *MWAH* LOVE YAH!!

-Captain America



Christina; oh goodness gracious, I ran to her bathroom and grabbed the hand towel and soaked it in icy water.

Next, I wrung the towel onto her head until her piercing blue eyes fluttered open. "Jake," she croaked. But, I put my finger to my lips and she reluctantly obeyed. Sammi then sat Christina up on her bed and gave her some water to sip.

"I'm fine, guys. Let's go kick some royal butt." She kept saying.

But, me being my stubborn overprotective friend I am, didn't listen. Sammi shoved me out the room and slammed the door covered in One Direction posters. I shuddered looking at Niall Horan's bright blue eyes almost look into my soul through the glossy paper.

5 minutes finally went by, and we walked out to my car. We all climbed in and I started up the engine. "Where to?" I asked.

Christina answered with a devilish look to her eyes. "Why, to Regina's mansion of course."


HAHA!! Cliff-hanger!!! DON-DON-DONNNNN!!!!!!! Read, comment, fan. MEOW! New chapter coming soon! 



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